Social Issues in the United States

In the website ISIDEWITH I picked the topic of Women in Combat.  Through out the whole United States 85% said yes and 15% said no. The 85% of people that said yes, said as long as women pass the physical test men pass they should be in combat. Also, they said not accepting women is discriminatory. The 15% of people that said no, said women are not physically capable like men, women being in combat is a high risk of sexual assault, and men are willing to risk their lives to save the women’s when they are in danger. In my opinion, I think women should be able to go in combat because if they want to protect our country, then we should respect that and let them help. Also, women are just as capable as men are, some women work harder than men and working hard is what this country needs. In every state, half of the population says that women should be allowed in combat and should be willing to help our country. In all the states, they yeses were between 80% and 90%. People that said no should rethink what the voted for and let women fight. The women are willing to risk their lives for people in this country, and every person should respect that no matter what gender you are.


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