Documentary Smore Reflection




  • I would pick the smore of the documentry “Rich Hill” number 5 because she barely explained anything about the pictures and what the movie was really about. I think she could’ve expalined a little more about the pictures and give more details about the film in her smore.



  • I would pick the smore of the documentry “Undefeated” number 4 because he explained a lot about the film but I feel like he could’ve explained more about it. Adding more detail would make the smore better and explaining more about the pictures would have made the smore better than it is.



  • I would pick this smore of the documentry “Dare to Dream” number 3 because she explained very well about what the film was about but I feel like of she explained more, it would have been better. I liked how she tied in her life of soccer to the movie and explained how she felt about it.



  • I would pick the smore of the documentry “Super High Me” number 2 because he explained about to film with good detail and it was a very organized smore. His thesis and conclusion were very good and strong, if you just read those you would know what the film was about.



  • I would pick this smore of the documentary “The Real Justin Bieber” number 1 becasue she had a very good smore as a whole. She explained what the film was about, gave excellent detail, and had very good pictures and videos. Her smore was very neat and organized. Her thesis and conclusion were also strong and very understandable.

Family and Culture

On my moms side of the family we are Italian, and every year on St. Josephs Day we celebrate an Italian holiday. On this day everyone wears red and my grandma makes this dessert. We all get together and talk and laugh all night. Also on every holiday we go to an aunt, uncle, or cousins house, this also includes birthday parties. About my immediate family, I have a mom, dad, two brothers and a dog. My older brother is in college so it’s just the four of us at home. When my brother comes home, we all get together and have family dinner every night and talk about our day. I love my family so much and I couldn’t ask for a better one. 

Reflection On Senior Research Presentation

For the senior research presentation, I thought that what they had to talk about were good, but they were not all so serious or professional. The good things that occurred during the presentations was the topics that they were talking about were good, but some were kinda weird. Only one or two I found uninterested but the rest that were presented were good. They all had good facts and explained very  well. They were loud and spoke clearly and I understood everything that they had to talk about. A few things that the seniors need to work on are that they need to be more professional and be more serious about what they are presenting about. All were laughing and doing goofy things which were funny, but in the future, if you are trying to get a job what they were doing would not have gotten you the job. They need to act like these presentations are what you need to get the job you always wanted to get. The way that you act is the way you can act in the job interview. Either than these little things, the presentation as a whole was very good and the seniors would do great from here.

Tombs of Buganda Kings at Kusubi

At the Tombs of Buganda Kings, it is a place where the four previous Kings rest in peace that qualifies as a religious centre for the royal family. People come and visit these tombs to respect the kings from the past. The tombs were built in 1882 and converted into the royal burial ground in 1884. They are built out of wood, thatch, reed, wattle and daub. The Kasubi Tombs are sites from natrual elements charged with historical, traditional and spiritual values. The tombs are very important to the historical part of Uganda and the culture. The main tomb is referred to as the “Muzibu-Azaala-Mpanga” which is a masterpiece of this ensemble. These tombs are the heritage of Uganda and everyone comes and respects the kings. It is a very important thing for the people of Uganda, every king will be rested here till they can not be placed here. The Tombs of Buganda Kings are a very important part to their culture. 

Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky

The Mammoth Cave National Park is located in Kentucky, the United States. It is the worlds longest known cave at about 400 miles. The Mammoth Cave supports more than 130 species of  flora and fauna, which helps helps and provides rich cave-dwelling to the natural wildlife habitat.  Visitors that come tot he cave, can hike through the cave, go canoeing, have a picnic, go horseback riding, go on a bike ride, camping, and more. If you are going through the cave, they have barriers that say don’t touch. If you touch one of the Stalagmites, they will stop growing and can ruin the structure of the cave. These are formed on the roof of the cave and the ground from water droplets. This cave has been around for a very long time and touching one of the Stalagmites could make the cave crumble. Going to this site would be a great thing to see and explore to walk through the longest cave in the entire world.

Black History Month

Jackie Robinson was the first African-American to be in the major league in the 20th century. Jackie Robinson signed to the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947. He was named Rookie of the year that year, National League MVP in 1949, and World Series Champion in 1955. Throughout his decade-long career, Robinson distinguished himself as a talented player and became a vocal civil rights activist. During games he got harassed by coaches and other teams. The Philadelphia Phillies coach and manager Ben Chapman harassed him the most when he was batting. Players on the other team did not want to play against the Dodgers because of Robinson, also players on his team threatened to sit out and not play with him. The Dodgers manager then told the players on the Dodgers if the do not play they will trade them over Robinson. He said it does not matter the color of a person, just the way they play. Robinson succeed to let everyone put race aside in Major League Baseball (MLB). Robinson influenced many young kids that are also black to work and succeed to also make it to the MLB. Robinson then became a hero in sports and an influence to the young kids of all colors to play baseball in the MLB.

Super Bowl Commercials

The purpose of this commercial was to persuade the audience to eat skittles. The audience is everyone in the world, kids and adults. Also it was for entertainment because the boyfriend was trying it get the girl friend attention but the whole family was in her room and a few other people eating the skittles. It is showing that skittles can make you happy and everyone should eat them. 

The purpose of this commercial is to advertise “Mr. Clean” that helps clean dirty surfaces and floors. The audience was mostly for adults because they are the ones who go out and buy the cleaning supplies. They want more people to buy these products and use the in their house. Also how a clean house can make a person very happy. 

The purpose to this commercial is to accept anyone and everyone that comes into the U.S. or even outside the U.S. and accept them by who they are and how they look. Again, the audience is everyone in the world. It shouldn’t matter how you look or where your from, everyone should be accepted here in the U.S. and everyone should get along with no more violence.

Play-Doh Creation.

In class we had to make something out of play-doh that describes us as a person. For my creation I chose to make a home plate. I chose to make a home plate because I love to play softball. I started off playing baseball since I was 4, then I switched to softball at the age of 15. I play every summer, fall, winter, spring, weekend, weekdays, I play all the time. Playing softball always brings a smile to my face. The reason why I made a home plate was because every time I cross home plate, that’s a run for the team but also a run for me. My goal is to always step on home and make sure we are always in the lead. This is important to me because I hope to be going to college with a scholarship for softball. I’ve worked my whole life to get the scholarship and just to have fun.

The people around me at my table also drew something that was important to them. Everyone created something that was important to them. A type of sport, an object, just anything, like baseball bats, footballs, hearts, roses, rings because that is what is important to them. Everyone was thinking about the one thing that means the most to them, a made it. People created these things because that’s what came to their heart and that’s what they love to do. This project made people laugh and remember what they love most to do outside of school.


Social Issues in the United States

In the website ISIDEWITH I picked the topic of Women in Combat.  Through out the whole United States 85% said yes and 15% said no. The 85% of people that said yes, said as long as women pass the physical test men pass they should be in combat. Also, they said not accepting women is discriminatory. The 15% of people that said no, said women are not physically capable like men, women being in combat is a high risk of sexual assault, and men are willing to risk their lives to save the women’s when they are in danger. In my opinion, I think women should be able to go in combat because if they want to protect our country, then we should respect that and let them help. Also, women are just as capable as men are, some women work harder than men and working hard is what this country needs. In every state, half of the population says that women should be allowed in combat and should be willing to help our country. In all the states, they yeses were between 80% and 90%. People that said no should rethink what the voted for and let women fight. The women are willing to risk their lives for people in this country, and every person should respect that no matter what gender you are.


Word Cloud

I chose a basketball because I play basketball and I’m athletic. Playing basketball brings out all the emotions and things said in the basketball about me. During games and practices, I have to be a leader and be the best person I can be because I am a captain on the court and off. All the things said in the basketball above describe who I am as a person in life as a whole.