What I am Thankful For

This is thanksgiving week and I am excited! During the Thanksgiving holiday, I spend time with my family. I go to my aunts house, or grandmas house every year. My family switches off between my dads side and my moms side just so it is fair. On both sides we eat turkey every year for dinner with side dishes also, like mashed potato’s, sweet potato’s, salad, stuffing, cranberry sauce, bread, etc. and it is all so good. Eating food is my favorite thing to do. Before and after dinner though, we talk, play games, watch football or movies, and have a good time. My favorite part of the day, is spending time and laughing with my family. Once we sit down and start talking we are there for hours just laughing and having fun. Laughing and talking with my family is my favorite thing to do and it makes me very happy. I am very thankful for the family I have and what we do on holidays. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.


Reflection on Health and Medicine

I found the visit in the library on November 18th very interesting. I learned what a a dental hygienist, an athletic trainer, a family practice physician, and a physician assistant does for a living. I would not want to do any of these professions but I learned a lot and it was all very interesting. I have my heart sent on another profession but if I didn’t this would be a good experience to learn what I want to do. All of the doctors or physicians, or trainers were all very good and next year they should do the same thing but bring in nurses and doctors in the hospitals or therapists (Physical, Occupational, etc.) and more. It was a great experience and more people should come down and listen next year.

Veteran’s Day

Tomorrow is Veteran’s Day and it is a special day to some people. Veteran’s Day is about people that were in the army, is in the army, or is training to be in the army. More people need to honor and recognize that these people are fighting for our safety and making sure we all live happy lives while they are fighting and dying for us. It is dangerous for the people in the army and their families. Their families are worrying about their husband or wife that could die fighting for us. Those soldiers are doing all this so our country can be safe and how much they love this country. Family members of loss soldiers go to the graves every veteran’s day to be with their brother, sister, daughter, son, wife, or husband to honor what they did for this country. People today that fought in World War II will never be forgot to make this country a safe place to live. american-flag


When I was about 8 years old, I had the best Halloween ever. That year, I went to my great grandmas house and my grandmas house. My aunt, uncle and cousins were there along with my family. All of the kids dressed up, we took pictures, ate food, and went trick-or-treating. Everyone laughed all night, we ate candy together, and watched a Halloween movie. What made it the best Halloween ever, was that I was with my family. There’s nothing else that I would rather do. I have the best family in the world. We all get along so well, every time we are together we always have a good time. The movie we watched was called “Hocus Pocus”. It is such a great movie and ever since that day, my family watches that movie every year on Halloween. I recommend if you haven’t seen it to watch it. It is such a great and funny movie to watch. I know that there is more great Halloweens to come, but this was the best Halloween with my family.


Unit 1 Question Reflection- American Film

In 1971, there was a small town in Virginia called Alexandria and football was the biggest thing to them. An all white school and an all black school came together to one school and they had to put it to test. The football program was a great tradition to the town and having the team intermixed was not going so well. The players or even the people in the school wouldn’t take to anyone that was a different race, but the head coach brought the football team to a camp and changed everyone’s perspective on one another. During the camp, he made everyone sit together, play together, and even sleep together that was a different race. At one practice, these two boys black and white talked and after that things changed. They got along the next practice and everyone followed their lead and they all got along. No more fights, glares, or anything else. Those two boys that hated each other at the start, became friends in the end. When school started they all got along but people at the school didn’t. That one football team got every single person to be friendly to each other by the movie. Yes, people had their opinions and problems but people forgot about it. As like today, people have their problems but all races are in one school, and mostly everyone does not have a problem. That movie changed peoples views on others. Don’t judge by the look of a person, but their personality.

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Positive News Article


  • The article I read was about the Chicago Cubs being a young team becoming MLB stars. Kris Bryant and Javier Baez are young players on the team that are the the “stars” of the team. They both start in every single game and the play multiple positions. Also how their manager Joe Madden is forming a winning team. Joe Madden made this team a winning machine. The Chicago Cubs have a bright future and nothing can stand in their way.
  • I believe that the article could have other conclusions for other people that don’t like the Cubs because they can just say that its only a few players that make the Cubs win. But Cubs fans will say that it is a team and the whole team is young and amazing.
  • What I found positive about this article is that the Cubs have been in a black hole for over 100 years, but about 2 years ago the Cubs are unstoppable and have been amazing for the past 2 years. There are a lot of young good ball players on the Cubs and it is a very good that their are multiple players that can play multiple positions. Also, it’s good that they have a manager that caress for the game of baseball and the team themselves.
  • Do you believe that the Chicago Cubs have young and talented players?
  • Do you think that the Cubs can break open the “over 100 years they won the World Series”?
  • Do the Cubs have a very good chance?
  • If the Cubs have the young talented players, do you believe that the can at least win the world series 2-3 times in 10 years?

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